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SIZE – any size configuration not to exceed –
N Scale – 16 square inches
HO Scale – 36 square inches
S scale – 81 square inches
O scale – 144 square inches

Your finished model must include the following:

  1. Build a fully scenicked scene no larger than (your chosen scale)
  2. The scene must contain some form of structure. Your choice.
  3. The scene must contain some form of vehicle. Horse drawn, powered, new, derelict or other. (a railcar qualifies as a vehicle along with boats, engines , even old bi-planes.)
  4. The scene must contain a section of track. OR a section of road.
  5. The scene must have at least one little people.
  6. The scene “should” tell a story. The theme is “the conversation”.

Deadline – July 4, 2013

Concept 1
concept_1Here’s my idea. On30 so I am restricted to 100 I may bump up to O scale .. and use dual Standard/Narrow gauge trackage so I can use the 144 .. that depends on how this works out. Current idea is a crane to unload/load flatcar from a truck on the road. Then, there is a dump bridge/trestle to a truck under. That would take care of the vehicle. Structure .. not sure if the bridge/trestle would count. The crane could have a small operators shed (structure) and a small office under the underpass (structure). I think the track, retaining walls, weeds etc. would suffice for scenery. A person somewhere in the scene to complete it.
Concept 2
concept_2Ok. Modified the design for O scale. That gives me 144 With that .. I currently have it 8 in x 18 in. I added a dual gauge – P48/On30 track which meant I had to raise everything to clear the NMRA gauge. I raised the road up – currently just a visual thing. That will be an aggregate dump bridge – figure it only needs to be high enough to clear the tallest truck. The small building along the crane is just there for show at the moment – it can extend higher if needed. Still need to create a NMRA for the track on top .. which is On30/On18. Once I do that .. it will help locate locations/size of the crane, road etc.
Concept 3
working4aThis is pretty close to what the finished concept will be .. or at least .. as finished as it will get in Sketchup. Any changes from now on will be on the model itself.


  • I found NMRA Clearance Gauges on Trimble 3D Warehouse. A little confusing as they are listed in the drawing as Modern, Old Time etc. A look at the NMRA website helped me to identify the Standard Gauge and Narrow Gauge versions. I used these to set the needed clearances on the model.
  • The Standard Gauge/On30 track was moved to the far left and at an angle. The ‘tunnel’ was widened to include a walk.
  • A small ledge was added to support a wider building. In the drawing I show it as brick but that will probably change. If I make it wood then that extended ledge could be either timber or I-beam .. again .. adding interest. I might also raise the building up so there is a small platform under it.
  • Stairs added. I show them as concrete but that could change easily.
  • The hopper structure is modeled after on on the EBT. Robert Harris was kind enough to send me photos of the EBT hopper from all angles which will enable me to model it pretty well I think. Thanks Robert.
  • The vehicular bridge and the various bents will be braced appropriately .. didn’t feel it necessary for this concept drawing. The crane will evolve I suppose.

I am going to use chipboard that I purchased from Dick Blick for the main structure/tunnel. It should work fine .. but .. we will see.


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    • Nope. I am looking at this and back at the rules. Note that while you get 100 in On30 (the drawing at the top shows a 6×16= 96 .. if you do it in O Scale (which I assume means standard gauge) you hav 144 .. got me thinking. If I run a track under the bridge thingie .. next to the truck .. and do it Standard gauge then I can change those dimensions to 9 x 16 = 144 .. that would give me three inches to add a struture. I fact .. was considering the possibilities .. On30/On18 dual gauge up top … and … O/On30 dual gauge on bottom. Hmmmm.

  1. Yea. Got my Monster Model & Laserworks O scale Tie Plates in today. They are for Code 100 rail w/8 hole. I will be using them on the P48/On30 dual gauge trackwork.

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