Kitforums Build – II

GluedChipboardWith the main concrete structure (with tunnel) laid out in Sketchup it was relatively easy to make patterns. I had to take into account the thickness of the chipboard I was going to use (0.1 in) .. then printed them off full-size. I had to piece together several of the patterns as they were larger than letter size paper sheet. I then glued them down to the chipboard.
CutOutI then used my scroll saw to cut out the pieces along the paper patterns. A little sanding with sandpaper and I am ready to start assembling.

Note: this is where I find out if I screwed up somewhere. I usually do .. in fact .. so often that I am resigned to it. :/

Gluing Up
GluingUp_1Happily, everything seems to be gluing up nicely. Here, you can see the structure from the bottom/inside. I had to glue it up in a way that kept everything aligned – the structure’s shape has one right angle .. the rest at varying degrees. I used some 3/16″ square dowel I bought in a packet at Walmart to reinforce where the sides join sides and roof. The last thing will be to bend a piece to fit in the curvy-bit and form the tunnel.
GluingUp_2Here we can begin to see the way that it will go together. This structure will end up representing concrete walls about two feet thick I think – the center portion filled with earth. The gap on the right side will contain a brick wall/abutment for the railroad trestle and road bridge.
The next thing will be to make that structure look like concrete. I found four examples online of model tunnel portals.
tp1 tp2 tp3 tp4

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