Kitforums Build – III

Tie Plates
I’m using O scale 8-hole tie plates from Monster Model & Laser Works. They come like you see to the left created from the laser board. I painted one sheet with black acrylic for a base and then scrubbed on brown, red and yellow weathering powders from Doc O’Brien’s. An extreme macro view on the far right and you can see the texturing from the laser cutting process. This is really not noticeable at when viewing with the naked eye from any sensible distance. JMO. – and even then to me looks like .. well .. rusted metal.
MMWtieplates1-800 MMWtieplates2-800 plates-800 stacked-800
Completed (mostly) Track
spiked1600I say mostly. I’m at the point that I can glue it into the diorama I think – or nearly so. I need to do some work in the area it will to. Once that is done .. later on I will of course have to add ballast .. and probably do some weathering etc. It is at this point that I often find it good to let the model rest a bit .. let ideas bubble around in what’s laughingly called my brain .. and see what comes up.
Dumping Chute
gate2The East Broad Top used these ‘Dumping Chutes’ to transfer coal and/or boney from hoppers to trucks. I found some pretty good photos on the net of the Mount Union Coal Trestle. I used this as a general guide – and made a version that I could build.
pre-primer-1600My version is made of styrene and cardstock. The rivets are resin decals from Micro-Mark. This photo is at the point where I am ready to primer the thing. The resin decals are delicate .. and a primer coat is necessary to help keep them from damage.

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