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Abutment Casting
abutment_2-800I made a box out of chip-board that I could use as a one-off mold to case an abutment. Here it is approximately in the position where the abutment will go.
abutment_1-800I glued everything together with wood glue and sealed the joints with some caulk. I rubbed in a little Johnson Floor Wax to act as a mold-release. I didn’t expect it to help THAT much .. but it was good enough for a one-off casting.
abutment_3-800What I ended up with was a nice block of plaster. This will at some point turn into a stone block abutment.
Carving Rock
dime-800I penciled in some guide lines on the plaster and then wet the plaster surface and dribbled on plaster in a totally random pattern. The dime is used as an ubiquitous indication of size.

Ok. There ARE stone walls where the faces of the stone are perfectly aligned but I find those boring. I like stone walls where they are uneven. To do that I wet the surface of the plaster and dribbled plaster randomly across the surface.

stackedabt-800The tools are pretty simple .. a #11 and #17 X-Acto blade, a curved scribe, a brush and what’s not showing a small metal brush.
scratching-800I like the organic shapes created by dribbling the plaster. I used these shapes, carving along them/some of them. The random patterns adds to that organic pattern.
chipping-800The chisel blade is used to flatten the bumpy shapes. This is used quite a bit as this is 1:48 .. the differences in height between stones if six inches would only be 1/8″.
scraping-800Using the side of the scraper it makes the face of the ‘stone’ fracture .. making it look to me more like rock.
wirebrush-800Rubbing a wire brush against the surface adds texture .. pits, scratches etc.

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