Kitforums Build – VI

assemble_1a-1600Getting ready to glue the concrete tunnel thingie and abutment to the base. Pre-weathering on as a base for further work.

The “front side”. Need to color/weather the inside of the tunnel while I can easily access it (meaning before gluing down). Once all that is done I will construct a retaining wall where it steps down from the green foam (yellow area). A set of stairs of some sort will go in the space

assemble_1b-1600The “back side”. Meh. The form lines toward the top of the opening need scraping off and re-doing .. and generally need to knock down a portion of the lines that are straight. More like the front side looks I think.

I also need to texture and color the inside of the tunnel and do anything else that needs doing before gluing the structure down while I can access it. (Edit: Done)

assemble2d-800While the abutment/concrete structure are glued to the base and that long wait while the glue dries I used the time to position some of the bridge-work for a photo op.

This one if from what is the ‘Left-Rear’ .. as much as that means anything. In reality I am trying to finish all sides equally (more or less) but it’s a guide I suppose.

assemble2c-800Moving to the right a bit and pulling back on the camera for a better overall view of this side. I will use some DAS clay to fill the gap once the glue dries. That will then be painted to look like mortar. The dump chute can be seen quite nicely in the background. This has only had a base color .. but darn it .. looks pretty good. I will be applying the ‘full deal’ Hair-Spray technique on this piece.
assemble2b-800Swinging around to a view from the ‘Right-Front’ gives a good view of the textured and painted tunnel. Note that the dump chute is partially hanging in the air past the abutment. That was a mistake in measurement – which I could have corrected by making the abutment wider but in the end I decided that they had modified an older stone-work .. and that portion of the dump chute will be supported by an add-on iron structure – it will just add to the scene I think.
assemble2a-800Finally, swinging the camera around to view from the ‘Left-Front’. The bit I wanted to show here is at the bottom right where the raw foam shows at the drop. I will be putting a retaining wall there – followed by an iron ‘leg’ to support the end of the dump chute and finally once all that is done – a stair of some sort to the top.

meh. I really need to come up with a dump truck too.

Cinder/Concrete Block Wall
setup-800Having that area that needed a wall of some sort I remembered I had a partial sheet of O scale Cement Block Wall Sheet from Walt Gillespie at Rusty Stumps. The wall would be a scale 11ft high and 15ft long so I was curious how well I could use it to make a wall. In this photo I have it propped in place where it will go with the ubiquitous penny for scale. I had to get everything in place since I planned to take a series of photos for my focus stacking program.
stacked-800There were a total of eight photos taken with the camera set on manual. The first photo was taken with the focus at the bottom of the stone wall and the last at the corner nearest the camera. Using CombineZM (free) you get a photo with everything pretty much in focus.

The wall just has white primer as once it is weathered .. that weathering will help to hide any mistakes .. so the white primered surface pretty much shows any problems. I’m pretty happy with this.

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