Kitforums Build – VII

Back to the Hopper
cutslot1-800Ok ok. Other places it is called a ‘dump chute’ .. but I still like hopper! 🙂

First .. ignore that the hopper is crooked. It’s just sitting there for the photo. The next thing is to cut out a slot at either end so the I-Beam support sits on the bent cap.

When I put this together I used .010″ styrene. That’s fine but in the end I could have used thicker material and you couldn’t tell because of the flanges. Oh well. The problem is that it is pretty delicate .. so I ran the support beams full length on the ends to keep everything aligned until I glue down to the supports – hence having to cut through.

cutslot2-800Before I get too much further along I need to paint the dump chute. What you see now is the ‘rust’ .. which will be revealed through paint removal via the ‘hair spray’ technique. At (2) all of the paint will be gone .. that is where the coal would strike .. but .. at the ends (1) the coal would hit there much less often so paint would be left .. even if flaky and finally at (3) paint at the top where it would be at least partially protected from the weather. This will be fun.
paint_b-800I sprayed on two coats of TRESemmé hairspray. (Lesson learned: I had problems afterwards chipping the paint on the inside – evidently it was too thin). I used Tamiya Flat White with some Khaki to get an off-white color for the paint. I thinned it 50% with water – the adhesion is less with water then thinner.
hs_1-800I let the paint dry and then started chipping. This is more of an art then a science – just take it slow and stop every so often to check your progress.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the chipping – but on after-thought the process can only go so far. The next step make a big improvement.

opr1-800OPR stands for “Oil Paint Rendering” – which is a fancy way to say .. use oil paints next. The cool thing about using oils is that you can thin them as much as you need which allows you to apply layers of color over the base paint. Here, I used Burnt Sienna to give an orange tinge to the off-white paint. This really helps kick the model up a notch or two.
opr3-800I came back with a simple brown oil paint (MIG Wash Mud). At this point I let it sit – it helps to put the model to one side for a while where you can see it off and on. Often you will get an – ‘ah ha!’ moment and think of a way to improve on it. In this case it’s no different .. I still have LOTS of oils.

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