Kitforums Build – VIII

Dump Chute Road
road3a-800I needed an access road to pass under the dump chute. Since I wanted to write an article on building this road – I tucked that thread under my scenery/roads threads. You can get there from here by clicking -> Dump Chute Road
Dual Narrow Gauge -Ties
Confession: I will be the first to admit that a dual-gauge On30/On18 track is silly. Heck with it .. having fun here! 🙂 .. I DO have a scenario though in my imaginary world. my On30 line was originally a narrow gauge line used at a mine in South America. When lava from an erupting voccano covered up the mine proper the parent company in the US shipped the equipment and track to North Carolina for their aggregate company. The On18 is an extension from the narrow gauge supporting mining in the area. So there! 🙂
ties-800I used On30 ties from Fastracks cut to a scale 6ft length. I mounted them to a piece of plywood which I can work on at my hobby table. I painted the roadbed black .. anything showing through the ballast should appear as shadow.
subties-800Rather than mess around with the abutment I decided to add ties lengthwise to block the abutment up to the same height as the roadbed. Seems to me to be something that ‘could’ have been done .. so I did. Ha. I can add bolt heads to bolt the ties to the abutment. Cool.
subties2-800Here the three ties that cross the sub-ties that run lengthwise are glued down. Next is to put the rail down on the bit to the left with rail hanging out far enough to extend over the dump chute. Ummmm. Not sure what I am going to do to secure that far end .. PC tie perhaps.
Structure Footprint
locos-800A building will go somewhere in this area. If necessary I will put it on stilts – like a crossing tower. I used my two Davenports to help create that footprint.
Overhead Crane
At some point my feeble brain came up with the idea of including an overhead crane in the diorama. I freely admit that the idea is silly (just to what extent of silly I will leave that up to you, dear reader) – but I’m having fun here!

Shown below are three examples of (variously) .. overhead crane, wooden gantry etc. In any case, these provided idea for scratching up something that might have existed .. somewhere!

F120127 Scaffolds-And-Gantries-466 woodgant


I was restricted by the area I had to work with – which in essence has driven the entire project – keeping everything within that maximum of 144 I had to have the structure span both the road and the dual narrow-gauge track so the right side of the wooden uprights has to clear the NMRA On3 (On30 also) clearance gauge. The left side was just ‘guesstamated’ to clear a truck.
framing3-800While one of the ‘cons’ to using chip-board is that it reacts not well at all to water .. the upside is that it is easy to modify. I drilled four holes in the top of the ‘concrete’ structure and squared them up with an X-Acto blade so that the crane framing would slip into the holes. I made the framing about an inch long to ensure I could do this . then glued everything in place. The footings are made from Sculpey. Note that the one near center of the photo is cracked .. I looked at that and went .. fine! Just adds to the verisimilitude .. cracked cement footings. Cool.

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