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passage_1I thought the tunnel was boring .. or approaching that. I decided to insert an opening leading up to another on the abutment. I made some inner walls for the doorway .. enough to suggest the passage turns up to some stairs.
passage_2On the abutment side I cut another opening. I went back and added plaster over the opening so I could carve a support arch.

This takes a while (life keeps interfering dang it!) .. but am slowly making progress on the carving.

Tunnel Platorm
platform_1Really it’s just a walkway through the tunnel. I see where people talk about ‘concrete’ paint. Ok. The ‘platform’ is green foam. It reacts with solvent based paint so I sealed/base coated with a latex Concrete Color (based on Poly S Concrete). I then came back and drybrushed with some Floquil Aged Concrete, White Gouache and finally stained the crevices and sides with MIG Wash. This will be pretty much shaddowed so I left some contrast.

Also gluing down the track at this time too.

platform_3Oh yeah. I ‘patted’ the sides with some Golden Fine Pumice Gel (acrylic gel) to texture the sides. I left the top mostly along other then paint.
Finished Abutment
abutment_4-1600Pretty much finished the abutment. Since I will have a large mass of greyish concrete I wanted a color for the stone that would contrast.
abutmentLower-800Well. If I ever managed to NOT forget something .. hell will freeze over I suspect. That lower portion of the abutment needs stonework. I had originally meant to cover that with some stairs. Thing is .. I mis-measured a bit .. and the abutment needs to extend out a little more to support the dump chute. Meh. I *could* extend the abutment .. but I think I will *imagineer* that the abutment was modified at some point and that little bit that needs added .. I will add a support structure. So. That means .. more stone work.

There is always a history. You see that all the time with structures .. wonder .. “wonder what went there ..” .. and it adds interest. In the current issue of NMRA magazine there is a metal water tank. The supports are constructed of a pair of channels (open side facing out) with a lattice joining them. That can be done pretty easily I think .. and would just *look* cool.

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