RRL Par 4 Challenge

The Railroad Line Forums stated the Par 4 Challenge on Jan 15. “Par 4” refers to the four parameters of the challenge.

The finished model must include the following:

  1. Build a fully scenicked scene no bigger than (scale) 30′ x 30′ (or 900sqft)
  2. The scene must contain some form of wooden construction.
  3. The scene must contain some form of masonry
  4. The scene must contain some form of modeled water.

Other elements can be included.
Start date: Jan 15
Time to complete: 2 months (March 15)

legosI decided that I would just – “Go with the flow” and make something up as I went. Since there is no prize, award, ribbon – just the challenge itself, I decided to look at this more as a chance to try different techniques.

I had thought about doing something in a larger scale but ended up going with 1:48 since that is what I model in. With that in mind I arranged Leggos to form a mold for a plaster pour. The resulting plaster cast would be 7½” wide – which is 30′ in O scale and falls within the rules. Some blocks in the center will form a pit or well that I thought would contain the water element. The strip of Leggos across the top are just to hold that center section in place while the plaster set-up.

plasterUsing some craft plaster I picked up at Hobby Lobby I poured it into the Leggo mold. I short while later I had something to start with. I still had no idea where I was going with this .. but that was ok as this was just for the ‘funofit’
plaster_4Carving, scratching and chipping. Formed a wall around the opening – figured that would be stone or concrete. Started carving some bricks, a recess for a manhole cover (so I could use my Vector Cut manhole cover) – which turned into part of the concrete sewer showing via the washed out area.
plaster_5A closer look a bit later. This is really a lot of fun carving the plaster .. and you can’t beat the price.
Leggos 2
walls_1More Leggos stacked. While it looks like total no-sense .. it’s actually an attempt to cast 4 walls.
walls_2A ‘precision plaster pout’ .. and I have to wait until the plaster sets up .. more or less (mostly less)
walls_3I waiting only until the plaster had ‘just’ set-up. I had Leggo blocks every which a way .. and didn’t want them locked into hard plaster – so I pulled the castings out while they were still soft. This caused a lot of breakage but I didn’t care since they were to be part of a crumbling, broken structure anyway.
scene_1Arranging the bits and pieces .. we have the structure. A couple of windows, a door .. and broken off walls. That’s pretty much it .. surrounding the pit.
color_1Once I had the walls scribed I added some color.

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