RRL Par 4 Challenge – 2

Floor Beams
scene_3I notched the walls of the foundation for the floor beams.
basement_1I decided that I needed to mount the scene on a wood base at this time. The reason was that I was peering through the open foundation/basement/pit .. and seeing nothing. With the thing glued to the wood base I sealed the bottom – the intention being that at some point I would be pouring in some Envirotex.
Some Color
color_8I started to add some color at this point. I like using cheap craft store acrylic paints – like Apple Barrel and FolkArt for at least the base colors. I can then come back with thin oil washes using cheap oil paints from Walmart. That gives you a lot of control and since the washes are thin you can build up color over several applications.
Rusty Stuff
rusty_stuffI was playing (for the first time) last night with Triangle Crafts ‘Sophisticated Finishes – Rust Antiquing Solution’. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a year perhaps – I keep putting off using it since it takes a little time (like overnight). Note: Update – Gary Wise pointed out that a hairdryer reduces the time from overnight to .. well .. a few minutes.

Others have used this product and pointed out that it’s pretty thick being basically iron particles in solution and is a little coarse in the smaller scales. Still .. that was fine (I thought) for what I wanted which was some VERY rusty metal bits and pieces.

I pulled some of those ‘bits and pieces’ from my parts box .. and am quite happy with the results. These are an assortment of parts from clocks, printers and un-identifiable whathits.

rusty_stuff2Here, I’m test-fitting them in place. The idea is that there was ‘some-kinda’ machinery that has dropped through a collapsed floor into the basement. That ‘H-shaped’ bit to the right will be the remains of a concrete pad for more machinery.
floorFloor in place. Still needs some broken stone and trash but pretty happy so far.
Vegetation and rubble
wgrass_2Did some preliminary work on wall rubble .. still need to come back with oil washes and AI pin washes in mortar joints. A base grass for the little scene. One of the “Lesson’s Learned” is that I should have made enough rubble at the same time I did the walls. That way the colors would have matched without having to work at it.
veggiesA little later – have some color on the rubble and I am working on the vegetation. Scenic Express grass tufts .. some I made myself .. and an experiment using ostrich plumes for the larger bushes. I think that they came out pretty darn good and I’m going to continue to see what I can do with them.

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