RRL Par 4 Challenge – 3

Collapsed – something
OldWoodSpent a little time this evening on a collapsed .. something. I .. *think* it’s a platform (or was) up higher. I think a broken off post or two might work as if it dropped. Something rusty would have been mounted on it .. now .. I think .. just to the left there ..

The wood is just placed there for the photo – not glued down yet.

Rusty Thang
rusty_thangOnce again I went into my parts/scraps and glued together bits and pieces to create this .. thing. I have no idea what it is supposed to be .. but I think it came out pretty well for all that.
Looking at that last photo I thought that the boards lacked something – indications of nails. I know that there is a general rule that for most buildings you wouldn’t be able to see the nail heads/holes unless the building is really decrepit. In this case though .. these old, rotten boards SHOULD show at minimum the darker marks of the nail heads. I then wondered if I could make a scale (1:48 nail).

I found some very small fishing line at Walmart. ‘FireLine Fused Crystal’ 4lb. test it has a dia of 0.13mm. That’s right at 0.005in dia which then translates to around ¼in full-size. I decided to see if I could use this to make some 1:48 scale (or nearly so) nails.

nail_3My first attempts showed me several problems. One is that the darn things are so small that I had trouble grasping them with tweezers .. much less even seeing them – even with a jewelers loupe. I found though that if I used a long piece of line, threaded it through a hole in the model I could then heat the end of the line – so it turns into a ‘blob’ .. slice off the top of the blob with my X-Acto knife and paint it. I could then pull the end of the line until the nail stuck out of the wood just a bit.
nail_4I could then use some thin ACC and cement the ‘nail’ in place – after which I could slice off the excess line sticking out the other side of the board and have something that looks like a nail head.

Just how useful this is .. I will leave to you. It IS darn small .. but the technique might be useful. My next problem is that I simply haven’t the equipment to take a really good photograph at this macro scale. I ordered a cheap Macro Extension tube from Amazon.com .. which may be useful. For $11 I figured it would be worth the try.

stackedAh ha! I got the Macro Extension Tube in. While not equal to a Macro works pretty well I think and is MUCH cheaper.

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