TWP Shed – Pt IV

Tarpaper Roof
Jim (Sawdust) on the forum had this to say:

I wouldn’t put gravel on the roof….too boring. I think some patch lines would add to the color of the roof. A couple of rusty buckets would look good because the roofs had to be patched so much they just left the buckets on the roof. When I simulate tar I put a drop of yellow wood glue on a piece of scrap wood & add a drop of flat black acrylic paint & stir. This has a consistency of tar but you can’t mix too much because it sets up after a few minutes. When I do roll roofing I use this on all the seams both horizontal & the small vertical lines where the ends of the rolls meet. Most stone pieces in a brick wall were added first then bricked around to give a good finish look. On the mortar Spackle might work or try using grout mix. Make sure you get the unsanded type so it won’t be too abrasive on your paint. I would apply it very thin just like you would on a tile wall. If your roof once had gutters it would be on the lower side of the roof. This would just be a small wall to collect the run off & divert it to an opening usually in the middle like you mentioned a cutout.

30Oct_2My replay: Jim .. I put a little gravel .. but I’m thinking this is the ‘old’ roofing. I used black acrylic over cigarette paper (I got the hairy eyeball when I asked for some ‘Rolling Papers’ at my local grocery). Since I want this to look like it’s old and has been repaired many times I will pick up some tissue paper today so I can make some roll tar-paper. I like your suggestion for making tar and will follow that. I deliberately got sloppy with the tar. I used some light-weight Spackle for mortar .. here and there .. I expect that a good bit of it has fallen out over time.
Shed_11Here was a possible concept of the drain .. I’m kinda limited since this brick structure is supposed to represent the remnant of a larger structure .. so figured here might work. (I assume that the roof would have had a slight slope toward the drain).

In the end I didn’t add this detail as I ran out of time. I might re-visit this later though.

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