Concrete Bumping Posts

Concrete Bumping Post – D.,L.&W.R.R.
A book titled “Concrete in railroad construction: A Treatise on Concrete for railroad Engineers and Contractors” by Atlas Portland Cement Company. Copyrighted in 1909 and 1915, it has a photo showing three of the posts in service at Newark, N.J. used by the DL&WRR (Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad) along with a drawing on one of the posts. The drawing on the far right of the same DL&W post is from Maintenance of way and Structures pub 1915. I found it interesting that it shows Guard-rails not shown in the other drawing. Just goes to show that you have to take such drawings with a ‘grain of salt’.
I modeled it in Sketchup. From left to right .. how it would look on your layout, with the ballast taken away we can see the ‘bit’ that is under the ground and on the right what would actually be modeled.
If you made a mold so that you could cast the bumper with a short piece of track ‘in situ’ you could have a cheap .. and if you used hydrocal .. working bumper stop.

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