The Ellis

Ellis Freight Car Bumping Post
The following is from Railway Track & Structures Cyclopedia – Issue 1 – pub. 1921 – Page 747
The Ellis Bumping Post

The Mechanical Manufacturing Company, Chicago, makes two styles of bumping posts, the “Ellis,” and the “Durable,” the “Ellis” being the better known of the two. The Ellis was the first commercial post on the market, has been in use for over 30 years, and is the standard of the majority of American railroads. It consists essentially of an upright timber post, upon the face of which, car coupler high, is bolted a buffer, and to the back of which is bolted a large casting, the heel of which is mounted upon a large timber stand, and to the sides of which are bolted the converging ends of the track rails. In the Ellis bumping post intended for freight car tracks, the buffer consists simply of a timber block faced with a metal plate. In those intended for passenger car tracks, the buffer consists, in addition to the timber block, of a tough rubber cushion 12 in. in dia., held in a cast iron seat, and a steel cap, the cap being attached to a spindle which extends through the post. The post and stand are bolted together at the bottoms and are supported on a timber base, and the bent rails at the end of the track are bolted down to an anchor timber in the ground.

The Ellis post is simple in design, great in strength, long in life, and can be installed easily and quickly. The timber is ordinarily of fir or oak, while the rails are of open hearth steel made according to standard specifications for soft steel to afford adequate toughness under the sudden shocks to which the posts are subject. It is also of neat appearance, occupies little space lengthwise in the tracks, and is adaptable to all positions. These posts received the highest award at the World’s Fair, St. Louis. Among the passenger stations in which the Ellis is installed are the following:

  • Pennsylvania Terminal Station New York
  • Terminal Station St. Louis
  • Union Station Boston
  • New York, New Haven & Hartford Providence
  • Union Station Duluth
  • Central Union Depot Cincinnati
  • Wabash Terminal Station Pittsburgh
  • Birmingham Terminal Station Birmingham
  • Philadelphia & Reading R. R Philadelphia
  • New York Central & Hudson River Buffalo
  • Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Dallas and Galveston
  • Savannah Union Station Savannah
  • Toledo Terminal Station Toledo
  • Washington Terminal Station Washington
  • Grand Central Station New York
  • La Salle Street Station Chicago
  • Canadian Pacific Station • Montreal
  • Grand Trunk Svstem Chicago & Montreal
  • Lehigh Valley Buffalo
  • Richmond Terminal Station Richmond
  • Charleston Union Station Charleston
  • Union Station Detroit
  • Illinois Central Chicago and New Orleans
  • Pennsylvania Lines Chicago
  • Northwestern Lines Chicago
  • St. Paul Union Depot St. Paul

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