C.P.R. CG Tower – 2

Bits and Pieces
parts_1600_1Here’s an assortment of jigs, bits and pieces. The four pieces that make up the walls below the windows are at the bottom left (yellow from making a wall – prior page). Center is a pile of the .040x.080 strips that will create the window openings (green strips) and the .020 x .080 strips that will frame the window openings (purple strips). Three jigs are shown – Jig 3 is sized to the window opening – to set the vertical and horizontal members around that; Jig 2 is for the corner structural members and Jig 1 for the structural members in the center of the walls.
parts_1600_2The window opening framing in the center of the walls will be glued up using Jig 1. There is a slot in the center for the .040x.080 in strip (green) .. a .160 in wide slot for a pair of .020x.080 strips (purple). A stop at the end of the .040x.080 slot is the height of that lower wall.
parts_1600_3The .040x.080 strip in inserted into the bottom slot and up against the stop. You can imagine the stop as the bottom wall and the strip framing the window opening extending above it. This would be a very weak joint of course as it will simply be a butt joint.
parts_1600_4A .020x.080 strip in inserted next so it sits on the .040x.080 in strip and butts up against the upper ledge.
parts_1600_5Finally a second .020x.080 strip inserted along-side the first. This will essentially form a thick structural ‘T-shape’. The pieces dry fit fine – the problem will to repeat this with cement and for that .. I will need to be very careful.
parts_6The resulting finished structural shapes rendered in Sketchup. Theoretically it should work. The problem will be getting all the bits aligned correctly while at the same time cementing them together.

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