C.P.R. CG Tower – 3

Assembling Walls
walling_3Jigs at top were for assembling the individual inner and end uprights. The two long walls have all five uprights cemented to the lower walls – 2 end pieces and 3 inner pieces. The one on the right is flipped to show the back. I have one end upright and one inner upright cemented on the left-hand short wall. The small wooden jig is used to get the spacing for the uprights.
Bringing together
assemble_1With the walls making a box, I tossed together a simple roof and floor.
assemble_2Here they are assembled for a test fit. They fit well enough together that I may not actually glue them .. allowing me to get to the interior at a later time as needed.
catOn page 1 the drawing showing the gate tower shows the legs made from old rails. This is actually what caught my attention. With hints and suggestions from others on The Whistle Post and Rail Road Line I managed to get a nice curve on the legs. I cut a saw-kerf in a 1-3/8″ dowel and after annealing the rail I made the curve. The kerf took the rail-head which kept it aligned as I bent it around the dowel. A little work with a small hammer took out any warping.

Here – I had to stop the work for a bit as Ms Kitty decided to check things out.

assortmentThe original joined the four legs together with plates forming a octagon. With a couple of failed attempts to do that in 1:48 I decided that MY little people used sections of pipe. Happy with the result.

Some dental plaster formed the ‘cement’ base (a little vaseline on the bottom of the legs allowed them to be pulled out after the plaster set up).

rustysupportWith bolts securing the rail to the pipe sections I painted everything with some American Accents® Terra Cotta. This paint has a fine textured finish. Along with the color it looks a lot like either rust .. or Iron Oxide paint.

I’m considering the next step – paint or not. The Iron Oxide look right now resembles the paint used on structures like bridges and such. One point in favor of leaving the thing in red (primer?) – is that it adds color. Shrug. Still thinking about that.

Test Fit
assemble_3I wanted to see how it was coming together. Ok so far I think.

A little black on the roff – tar paper I suppose. Bolts need to be added to secure the legs to the pipe sections and then stays for the access ladder need installed.

In Place with muntins and shades
So with the tower installed, cement colored and muntins and shades. The original drawing shows 4 pane glass at the top of the window and two pane at the bottom but I think my version will have two pane on both top and bottom.

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