C.P.R. CG Tower – 4

Bits and Pieces
Taking a break to look over where I am and where I am going. Laid out from left to right is the roof, walls and floor. This is actually a good look at the construction of the walls – the layering of Evergreen styrene that makes up the walls/windows shows nicely. Sitting on the floor is the coal stove (not finished) in approximately where it will go. So .. questions:

  • The location of the stove needs to be approximated enough to locate the hole for the stovepipe. With a hole for the stovepipe in the roof that will firmly locate/position the stove below it. I want to add a LED lighting fixture centered on the roof .. and the plan is to use the stovepipe to pass the wire from the LED down. My understanding is that wiring, pipes and control rods would have been located down the center of the supporting structure. Works for me.
  • There isn’t a lot that will be seen through the windows but I may go ahead and add sheathing to the interior walls .. just because I can. A little OCD thing popping up there I guess.
  • Floor .. at some point the wire needs to drop down from the floor. From under the stove seems reasonable .. then loop over to drop down the center of the support. Should be fine to represent electrical cable to the tower.
Coal Stove
I had originally intended to mock up a pot belly stove but changed my mind when I didn’t have the right size tubing. Instead I opted for a rectangular stove since (1) I had some square tubing the right size and (2) it was simpler. I think a fancier version would have possibly been referred to as a parlor stove as shown to the right.
So .. some bits and pieces of Evergreen styrene and I have a stove. Sprayed with a Dark Gray Primer and then the edges highlighted with some white weathering powder. This probably won’t even been seen through the windows but I am going to put in a light so .. it might .. maybe ..

Note: Yeah .. the handle on the door is too big. I will probably fix that after breakfast.

Wiring the tower
With the tower sitting up in the air like it does all exposed .. just how to run the wires to the LED was something of a problem (in this case I am using ‘problem’ as meaning ‘to be determined/figured out). Talking to Bill (D&H South Central Div) on a Hangout. He pointed out that if a tower controlled switches it would be either mechanical or electrical. In any case the control rod or electrical would/could run through a conduit down the central shaft of the support structure. That was “good nuff” for me. I ran some wire (30AWG Wrapping Wire from Radio Shack) through a length of Evergreen 3/32″ tubing (#223) (this scales to 4-1/2″ in O scale). I made a bend in the end of the tubing by slicing a ‘V’, inserting the wire and then softening and gluing the bend over the wire using MEK.

Since I am using electrical controls .. of whatever the tower is controlling .. I needed a place for the wiring/conduit to go underground so I took a square Lego block, carved off the little nubs and glued on a “who knows what it came from” plate in my scrap box. I carved out a place for this and punched a 1/8″ hole through to the underside of the plywood to feed the wire.

The photo shows where I am. I need to add the conduit from the tower to the ‘cement block’. I have to thread the wire through the tubing so need to make sure I make sure all my bits and pieces and correct before cementing.

This is one of those times that thinking through would have been nice. It would have been much easier .. much like in 1000% .. if I had run the wires through the conduit and all that while the support structure was loose from the base. Monday night quarterbacking and all that .. but still true ..