Grizzly Flats Station

Issues and Stuff …
I was asked to print off the front and two side views of the Grizzly Flats Station as a friend wants to build this little station. That immediately brought up a couple of issues in my mind. A scan of the three pages does not mean they are to the same scale.

The graphic to the left shows the three views I had.

I brought each of the images into my graphics program (Paint Shop Pro) and printed them off. I made sure that I did not have “Fit to page” selected .. instead checked “Center on page” and printed them off. This was so they would print without scaling.

Scaled or not? .. that is the question
The next thing then, was to see if the three view were scaled to the same scale .. whatever that was.

I took my dividers and checked all three views from the peak of the roof to the bottom of the foundation. I show two of them in the graphic to the left .. and they were within the “Good Nuff” range. So that is good .. the three views are scaled the same.

What scale then?
I laid a Tichy door on top of the front drawing. It is as close to exactly the same width as makes no matter at all (the drawing could have errors, the scan could have errors, the draftsman could have been drinking at the time ..). The door is .736″ wide (I used dial calipers). In O scale this is 35.3″. To the center of the crack between door and trim to the same on the other side is dang close to .750″ or 36″ full size.

So. The drawing printed out nicely in O scale, 1:48. Yippie and all of that.

This means I can go ahead and import the drawings into Sketchup. I have that door to scale off of which means I can then scale the trim. The side views have the same windows which allows scaling them off of each other.

Front Brackets
The roof support brackets as seen from the front are different than the side brackets so let’s look at the front ones first.

I colored the sucker in blue to make it stand out. The bulls-eye in the center of the bracket I am guessing was ironwork (I labeled it “Whazzit?”. The bracket cups it you notice. That brings up the question of how to model this feature as shown or .. modify it so it can be modeled. That will affect the design of the bracket.

My own suggestion would be to take a piece of Evergreen tubing close to the same diameter and use that. The bulls-eye is .448″ dia (full-size would be 21-1/2″). 7/16″ Evergreen #234 tubing would work. This would be of course thicker than the metal work but *shrug* .. could be thought of as wood-work instead. The ID of the tubing is .381″ which would make the walls of the circle .028″ (about 1-3/8″ thick).

That decision needs to be made before continuing on the Front Bracket as this affects the design.

Note: Notice that I have a .613″ width for the window. This is the same as the windows on the side views so I can switch to the side view to work on the roof brackets there and use this .613 to scale the side views exactly.

Side Brackets
Luckily the draftsman removed some of the trim over one of the side brackets so we can see it well enough to trace around it. Yea.

So .. I trace the contour and as with the front bracket there is that bulls-eye detail and I will have to let this go until we figure what to do with that.

Front Picket
The trim that looks like an upside down picket fence I am calling the “Front picket” .. gotta call it something. It is numbered 10 on the drawings and you can see from the front view via hidden line dashes that it sits centered on the outmost vertical of the Front Brackets.

I ‘guesstamated” that it would be 1″ thick .. so .. so it is at .53mm

Roof Peak Trim
Something looks ‘wonky’ with the trim on the ridge poles.

Side View
Look at the circled ends. Doesn’t make sense .. the left side does NOT look like the right side .. spacing is off etc. There is also a missing hole on the right

Where the trim runs behind that vertical piece is .. well .. wrong. That vertical bit is on the end of the bay window extension roof .. not on the long roof.

My guess is the draftsman was drunk the day he drew this – that trim was purchased pre-made and they just cut it to fit without trying to even it at the ends