O Scale Fall Creek Passenger Station

From the May 2017 Rusty Stumps Newsletter –

The Passenger Station is based on a late 1800’s C&O standard station design taken from actual C&O plans. Much effort has gone into reproducing the Passenger Station as close prototype as can be done in scale. Care to quality has been utmost in our minds. Our resin chimney is a 3D printing and does not contain lead so it is safe to handle. Care is taken to ensure all parts are free of defects both in manufacturing and in shipment. No additional castings are provided with the Station Kit.
Kit is “less platform” as it would be quite large and take a big foot print.

Proof Build
Walt sent me the very first kit .. #1 .. for what he terms a “Proof Build”. In the Rusty Stumps Newsletter he says .. “The O Scale Passenger Station kit is out for what I call a “proof build”. That’s an old term from when I use to work for HeathKit. A few of you know who that is. Well when we had a new product it was generally given to an employee to build, “proof build” and they had to report back on issue they encountered. So that where we are on this kit, waiting or feed back from the test builder.

In this case .. I’m the ‘Proofer’ ..

Parts and Stuff
Being this is a “Proof Build” let’s look at what Walt included in the kit. Currently there are four items .. three bags of ‘stuff’ and shingle material.

  • Bag #1
    • Sub-Walls Sheet A, B +C
    • Finished Walls Sheets D + E
    • Roof Panels Sheet F
  • Bag #2
    • 8 – 2×6 Trimm
    • 3 – 2×4 Trim
    • 2 – 5″ ‘T’ Strip styrene
    • 1 – Resin cast Chimney
  • Bag #3
    • 1 Instruction Manual
    • 1 Sheet Acetate
    • 4 Sheets 3-Tab Shingles (Loose in box)
Stuff and Nonsense
In the following I will try my best to let Walt know of any errors and problems with the kit. Hey .. that’s the purpose of a Proof Build after all. So .. let’s get started
Instruction Manual: The instruction manual is 50 pages of excellent instructions with plenty of photographs. It is spiral bound, measuring 5½” x 8½”.

  1. Page 3 – “Our white metal castings do not contain lead so they are safe to have around children.” – Walt has sold off his white metal casting equipment and has switched to resin and 3d printed parts so this line no longer pertains .. unless Walt has white metal castings still squirreled away somewhere.
  2. Page 4 – “The method we employ to create our castings leaves little flash, something that is common with spin castings. But there is still some cleanup that must be done … etc” – … again … we are referring to spin cast white metal castings which are no longer used (at least in the O scale kit). The text referring to cleaning up the white metal castings can be modified to clean up the current resin casting.
  3. Page 4 – ““T” Pins can be handy. These may be purchased at most office supply stores“- I have found these at WalMart in the sewing section.
  4. Page 4 – “it is strongly recommended you use ONLY solvent based paints .. such as Floquil paints” – well .. Floquil is gone. Other solvent paints are Tru-Color but it doesn’t brush as well as Floquil did. There is the Testor Model Master Enamel/Lacquer based paints and Humbrol enamels to look at using.
  5. Page 5 – “Paint colors used are all Floquil Paints:” – ummm … Apple Barrel Liberty Blue was used for the main wall color. That is an acrylic. There’s a .. ummm .. discrepancy there.
  6. Page 5 – Colors are described: Apple Barrel Liberty Blue 20563 or GN Blue Sky Blue, Reefer White, Roof Brown and Grimy Black. The Apple Barrel Liberty Blue has been discontinued (and is an acrylic as I previously stated). GN Blue Sky Blue (Floquil) can be replaced by Model Masters ‘French Blue’ enamel (is gloss). Reefer White (Floquil) can be replaced by Model Masters ‘Classic White’ Enamel (is gloss). Roof Brown (Floquil) can be replaced by Model Masters ‘Roof Brown’ .. but it is Acrylic. Grimy Black (Floquil) can be replaced by Model Masters ‘Grimy Black’ but .. again .. it is an Acrylic.
  7. Page 45 – Here, under ‘Solvent Based Paints’ – Floquil brand is suggested. This needs a re-write as Floquil is no longer produced and an alternate brand(s) needs to be used.