O Scale Fall Creek Passenger Station – II

This is the first craftsman kit that I’ve built and all in all pretty happy with the final results. I’m a little proud that this is also kit #1 .. the proof build. I’ve learned things .. for example when putting shingles on I need to pay attention to that and nothing else! Happy days.

The station was painted using what I had on the shelf .. rattle can paint and cheap acrylic bought at Wal-Mart

  • Light Green : valspar Satin Leafy Green
  • Dark Green : Krylon Satin Italian Olive
  • Gray : HomeShades Gray Primer
  • Gray : Apple Barrel Matte Pewter Grey acrylic (for touch up)
  • white : Waverly chalk (acrylic). This was thinned to make it almost translucent and applied over the gray trim over the bay window. Since it was thinned I could apply it in layers until I was happy with the effect .. to simulate weathered white paint.
  • Terra Cotta : FolkArt Terra Cotta acrylic – chimmney
  • Doc O’Brien’s Weathering Powder – Grungy Gray, Dirty Brown and Grimy Black

Weathering ..

  • Pinwash : MIG Brown wash. This was applied to all the trim and joints using a #2 brush. The brown pinwash makes everything ‘pop’
  • Gray weathered paint : Used the Apple Barrel Pewter gray splotched here and there over the gray trim. It is slightly darker than the Gray Primer so it shows up as ..well .. splotchy, weathered paint .. at least to me.
  • Burnt Sienna oil paint : This was used to create darker patches on the green. To use oil paint like this you squeeze out a bit on some cardboard and let it sit for a while .. the cardboard will soak up the oil leaving pigment. Put a very small bit where you want the stain/weathering with a toothpick .. and then using a flat brush spread it out until is transparent. This gives you great control.
  • Grungy Gray weathering powder .. applied to the roof where water runs down from the chimney
  • Dirty Brown weathering powder .. applied lightly to the roof to slighty stain .. to break up the single shingle color
  • Grimy Black weathering powder .. scrubbed into the mortar lines of the chimney. Came back with the Terra Cotta and dry brushed back over the brick.
The Model
Cool. Got in a copy of the production model .. amazing .. where have I seen the photo used for the box art before? Hmmm .. have to think about that.

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