Eighteen – II

Stair Door
Part of the ‘charm’ of this building is that there is an interior stairway that leads up to a door opening that leads to an exterior stairway that goes up to the porch. I adjusted the Brightness and Contrast to peer into the darkness. Horizontal boards against the far wall. The ceiling is angled up from that back wall to above the door opening – these are oriented vertically. THey are not the same boards used on the exterior .. but still fairly wide.

The exterior wall is interesting – pretty much telling that this was all done at some later point in the building’s history. We have a wall that looks to be around 7.6″ wide. 1″ thick casing and interior siding. I guess someone like a carpenter might be able to piece together what the heck is going on here but I can reproduce it.

The siding appears to me to be Channel Siding – or something close to it. In scale .. would be ‘good nuff’. In the drawing I scaled in Sketchup – 0.193″ O scale .. which approximates to 9″ full size.

  • In plastic I could use Evergreen 4188 V-Groove. This has .188″ spacing which would work for the 9″ siding. The V-Groove would probably work fine.
  • In wood .. I might be able to figure out a way to plane the edges of stripwood to replicate that channel.
  • .. also .. could glue stripwood to a backing spacing them apart by the ‘channel’
  • I ended up using Evergreen 4150 Novelty siding. This has .150″ spacing which works out to 7.2″ in O scale
Stairway Boards
Peering through the lower door we can just make out the planking in the stairway. The boards are about 4’t back from the front of the building so the measurements are therefore smaller than the actual size of the boards. The planking along the back show about 5″ – so they are probably nominal 6″ boards. We can just barely see the boards on the right side which show as 3″ boards. These are most likely 4″ nominal boards.
Here’s the dimensions I took off of the window. Let’s call it 41′ wide across the casing. The casing looks like a 1″x6″. The stool is 44″ wide and nominal 2″ thick. The rail about 2″.
Door Latch
The double door latch is pretty crude looking. The brackets are offset and everything looks beat up.
Double Door
The large double door begs to be built using individual boards .. some MAJOR weathering here.