Eighteen – III

Front Dimensions
Taking everything I have figured out so far I created this plan for the front of the building.
Roughing in –
Starting to rough in the structure. Front face and side walls for the porch.
Since it would be hard to paint and weather the porch after it is installed I made it a separate part
Closer look. I used some styrene I-Beam modified to ‘snap’ around the walls to locate the porch. The various assorted trip pieces are all in place too.
In place. I’m going to put in the window to the right of the porch before I go any further.
Garage Door
A closer look at the Garage Door (in blue) shows that it runs along the side of the building butting against the building on the right (yellow). I can just see the ends of the siding. To me this means that this door was retrofitted to the structure .. they seem to have just cut away the siding and removed the studs.
Test fitting the door to the model. I used my X-Acto knife to cut across the Novelty siding to create individual boards. One problem is that I used .040″ Evergreen Novelty siding .. which is way too thick. It needs to be half this thick .. so I will take a single-edge razor blade and scrape that edge down so the siding is scale thickness.