Mimesis 1934 26ft Truck

Once again, I’m taking the ‘easy way out’ by making a pseudo-machine. Not an exact copy .. but a clone. In this case I am going to modify the Matchbox/Lesney 1932 Ford Model ‘AA’ 1.5 ton truck. It is 1:46 scale.

The wheelbase of a Model ‘AA’ with 3000 lbs. pay load was 131½”. At 1:48 that would be 2.74″. That same wheelbase in 1:46 would be 2.85″ .. or a difference of 0.11″ .. or if we convert it back to O scale .. 5.28″. That’s close .. for me . “good nuff”. Since I am modeling a clone .. it’s fine. Since I am extending the frame that works .. it’s a slightly heavier truck!

The drawing to the left provides all the necessary dimensions to get started.

The Russians produced a variant under contract from Ford, the GAZ AAA.

I brought the drawing into Sketchup and then transferred dimensions from the Ford ‘AA’ drawing to this one of a GAZ AAA (I used the 45-1/16″ measurement from the front of the cowl to rear of cab) – and then scaled the entire drawing from that. Pretty nifty of Sketchup.

Note that the center-line of the dual rear wheels falls just forward of the 131-½ wheelbase of the Ford ‘AA’. The Ford ‘AA’ measured 28-¾” from the rear wheel center to the end of the frame. The GAZ ‘AAA’ measures 26-1/8″. Close enough for me.

Some Scaling
Next I needed to get a wheelbase for a truck that was approximately a ’26 footer’. I took these four trucks and re-sized each one so that the height from the top of the cab window to the bottom of the door was the same. With that I ‘guesstamated’ that the two box trucks had about the same wheelbase and the top drawing gave me dimensions. From that I came up with a wheelbase for my truck – 171-½”.
Some Scaling
With that 171-½” wheelbase .. and the 28-3/4″ from center of rear wheel to end of frame .. I could then cut-n-paste the drawing of the GAZ ‘AAA’ to create my Mimesis 3-ton truck. I call this .. “imagineering”

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