Mimesis 26ft Truck – Part III

Tires and Wheels
I was not happy with the tires and wheels that Matchbox used. They would have used what they had ‘on hand’ – I can understand that but that can be fixed. Need to post up some links while I have them on the wheels and tires for the truck.

The drawing of the Ford Model AA Truck shows the front as a 6.00 x 20 tire and the rear as 6.00 x 20 tire with dual wheels and a 32 x 6 tire with single wheel. Geeze.

Found a BFGoodrich 6.00-20 tire. Under ‘Details’ it says the Overall Diameter: 32.4″ and Overall Width: 6.0″ .. that gives me something to work with.

To the left is what I came up with. Overall I’m pretty happy with the way it came out. The cut-outs in the wheels are too sharp to be a Ford ‘AA’ wheel. That will work sine this is supposed to be a clone after all .. a Mimesis not a Ford. I may go back and try to re-create the Ford ‘AA’ style wheel cut-outs better at some point but since the wheel was created from photographs and some basic dimensions it’s at best a ‘guesstamate’ anyway.

Note: The lug-nut holes are too small but they are there in this version simply to act as a guide for a drill. You have to remember that this is designed to print in 3D at Shapeways. That means all of the shapes such as the lip that contacts the tire have to follow the restrictions for the material the model is being printed in. In this case, that is FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) which has a minimum wall thickness of .3mm (the cross-section of the wheel lip being a wall you see…). The plan is to drill the lug-nut holes and use aftermarket NBW for better detail.

Version 2
I like this better with the wide oval cut-outs. I think I will use this one as the basis for printing in 3D. I need to make a couple of variations .. one with the full size lug-nut holes (tire and wheel dismounted) .. one with the wheel out of the tire which means it will have to have the inner profile of the wheel cut out; one with the lug-nuts printed (to see just how well/bad they print) and probably a tire also dismounted and showing the inner surface.
Shapeways Print
I haven’t updated this in a while. Since the order from Shapeways in supposed to be delivered today .. might be a good time to show the rendering. Hubs, tires and wheels ..

Looking forward to how well they came out.

First Look
.. and .. here we go ……

A quick look. The wax is still heavy on the parts but I wanted some snapshots.

.. and a closer look. Under the wax they appear to have printed very nicely
The Good and the Bad
Well. Two steps forward and one back ..

I painted the wheels and tires .. and they look pretty good. The problem is with the design ..

Design problems –
1 – The toy wheels on the truck had little hubs that the metal axles fit into. I blindly followed that .. but forgot I was adding the brake drums. That means everything sticks out too far. Oops! The hubs are in green in the pic to the left .. and will be removed in the next print.
2 – Big oops. The area circled in red .. the hub interferes with the wheel. That means that the hubs don’t make contact with the wheel face. Arrrghhh!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that the hub and wheels need to be one piece. I’ll do that in the next version.

The wheels and tires themselves came out pretty good as in the pic below. So .. if I can fix those other design problems they will be ok. I broke one wheel center from pressing too hard .. the fault there is simply that I failed to give enough clearance at the hub for the metal axle. The wheel center is close to a scale thickness .. and pretty delicate .. relatively. It will work fine as long as the wheel slips easily over the axle (noted)

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