The Mimesis 40 – II

Holt 45 Tractor
The manual – ‘Care and Operation of the “CATERPILLAR” 45 TRACTOR‘ – was published in 1917 by the Holt Manufacturing Company. In 1925, Caterpillar Inc. was formed by the merger of the Holt Manufacturing Company and the C.L. Best Tractor Company.

8/19/2017 – Found this Holt 45 tractor, List of Parts and placed an order. This should be VERY helpful (I hope)

What a marvelous creature this was.

So. The plan .. is to backdate the Komatsu 40 Bulldozer to something that resembles the Holt 45 .. a Mimesis 45 Tractor perhaps! 🙂

Tamiya Komatsu G40
I’m going to start with a side-view of the Tamiya Komatsu G40 Bulldozer. The diagram was taken directly from the Tamiya instruction sheet. This is what I will start with.
Remove the blade
For the next while I will show the Tamiya model above the Holt 45. Just how easy this will be is suspect .. as it is always easier to play with the model virtually then it is in reality.

The first thing will be to remove the Bulldozer blade and associated mechanism. This will basically backdate the vehicle to the Komatsu G40 Crawer. I have colored the parts to be removed in red.

Moving the seat and controls
The positioning of the seat at the rear of the Holt 45 has to do with it’s original use which was as an agricultural vehicle. Evidently this allowed the operator to deal with – as plows, cultivators and other equipment connected to the draw-bar.

In the drawing to the left I have the seat colored red, the seat frame in blue and the gear levers in green.

Remove Hood
The entire portion of the vehicle including the radiator, hood etc. has to be removed next.

I imagine that the greater portion of this is one casting. I will have to recreate the frame even before I get close to reproducing all of the additional pieces.

Mimesis 45
I reproduced the radiator, engine and associated ‘bits’ mounted on the Komatsu G40 chassis. All in all … I think it looks darn close. Of course .. again .. this is simply a drawing. Just how well I can make the model match the drawing .. well .. that’s to be seen.

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