The Mimesis 40 – III

The lubrication diagram allows us to see at least part of the frame. I colored it in blue.. not really sure what toward the rear is frame and what something else but it has to run back .. a simple channel with crossmembers.
You can see the channel in this 3/4 view. Simple enough. The pan tractor seat should be approximately 18/19″ long and 13/15″ wide. From tht I could guesstamate the channel size and make it up from Evergreen styrene. I brought the drawing into Sketchup and the frame is about 6″ channel. Hooah.
A closer look at the frame from the above photo. It looks fairly simple .. channel forming both the main frame and crossmembers. The rivets evidently show where brackets connects everything together.
.. and .. another machine looking at the same general area