The Mimesis 40 – IV

Looking at the manual – ‘Care and Operation of the “CATERPILLAR” 45 TRACTOR‘ I managed to pull a couple of drawings showing enough of the engine to get a general idea of the design. Honestly .. I am not trying for an exact copy as .. after all .. this is the Mimesis 40 – a copy as it were of the Caterpillar 45 Tractor (Mimesis means variously imitation, representation, mimicry)
Here’s the engine pretty much far along in the design. I have stopped at this point to work on other parts of the tractor.
With the engine and preliminary framing as 3D models I could position them onto the The Caterpillar 45 Tractor lubricating Chart.
The side view shows better the offset of the centerlines of the engine and sprocket. Not sure about where the end of the frame should end yet.
An assortment of images of the transmission. The offset of the engine and sprocket centers is obvious from these images. With all of them this should be enough to reproduce a transmission .. of sorts. I can use the sprocket from the model to get the general dimensions.
Intermission 2
At this point I had a light bulb go off (an epiphany of sorts I suppose) and scanned the instruction sheet from the Tamiya Klmatsu G40 Bulldozer .. specifically .. the top view. This way I can get dimensions off of it as needed.