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Steam or Diesel .. they are all good! I may make a separate page for other ‘train stuff’ … I have other things that I have done that could fit into their own niche.

NG Road Engine

BVLC Concept Bradford Valley Lumber Co. posted an idea for converting an Athern GP40-2 to a narrow gauge road engine. His design was inspired by the Alco RS-1. The rendering is shown here. ———————- This post caught the attention of … Continue reading

NWSL & SLM Critter

Contest Beginning January 1st until March 1st NorthWest Short Line (NWSL) and Shortline Modelers Lounge (SML) are giving you a chance to show off your kitbashing/scratch building skills. The rules are simple: build a small critter, railbus or small industrial … Continue reading

Mimesis 2-Ton

Vulcan 2-Ton The August 2010 issue of RMC had an article – “Vulcan two-ton gas locomotive”. Shipped in 1926 I figured this would be a nice little critter to model in On18. I modeled it in Sketchup which you can … Continue reading

On30 25-ton Bash

Bachmann On30 Davenport “Bachmann’s On30 Davenport “Critter”, an 0-4-0 side rod gas mechanical diesel locomotive seems to replicate a 10 ton switcher..” The above is taken from the June 2004 issue of Finescal Railroader, article by Allen K. Littlefield. So. … Continue reading

NG Road Engine – III

Sectioning The first thing I wanted to do is see how widening the walkways would affect the design. Here .. I’ve sectioned the body. This is the HO body which is 1.425″ in width across the outside of the walkways … Continue reading

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