Mimesis 2-Ton

Vulcan 2-Ton
The August 2010 issue of RMC had an article – “Vulcan two-ton gas locomotive”. Shipped in 1926 I figured this would be a nice little critter to model in On18. I modeled it in Sketchup which you can see to the left.

Note: I would like to include the RMC drawings but since they might end up sending out assassination squads .. I’ll just have live with the lack.

I started to scratch-build the On18 Critter back in September of 2010. The idea was to use N scale mechanisms and O scale dimensions to create a small critter. While we call it On18 .. in reality it scales out to 17 inches. It’s just .. On17 just sounds .. wrong!

Donor Loco
I had this N scale switcher from someplace. It appears to have been an Aurora Industrial Locomotive (c.1975). According to the “History of N Scale” .. it was made in Mexico .. (and) .. it was far inferior to the Auora Postage Stamps Trains made by Minitrix.
Donor Mechanism
With the shell off the the most obvious thing that can bee seen is the weight .. and just a bit of the motor. The brass clip that held everything together and the bulb for the headlight.

That the weight was going away was obvious to me. That’s not very sensible in regard to operation .. but I was wanting to see just how small I could make this critter.

With the weight removed we have a good look at what we have to play with here. Some of the ‘bits’ would have to go .. with the aim to reduce the mechanism to as small a foot-print as possible in preparation for the build.

I have the parts I decided to remove colored in red. This was as much as I dared to remove .. all the rest was necessary!

A look at the two ends of the mechanism. While the front of the mechanism (right side in the photo) was easy to modify .. just ‘whack away’ .. the rear (left side) was more difficult in that the wipers from the wheels ran up here (blue arrow) and were held in place by that ‘excess’ plastic I intended to remove.
Stripped Down
Finally we arrive at this point. Everything that could be removed .. was. The mechanism has been turned 180° so that the motor would be toward the front


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