Mimesis 2-Ton – Part II

Since my critter is only based on the Vulcan 2-Ton loco .. I renamed mine Mimesis 2-Ton. Mimesis is defined by Merriam-Webster as .. Imitation, Mimicry. Seems like a great name for my imitation of the Vulcan loco

For the next step I’m sure there are those who will say that it isn’t necessary. I’ll just point out that it is useful .. very much so. The other point being that I enjoy working with Sketchup. I figure that if you enjoy doing something then it is at the very least .. worthwhile .. to you.

I modeled the entire mechanism in Sketchup. I colored it yellow just so it would show up in the following steps. We can use that as a component and the Vulcan 2-Ton model to make everything fit together.

Position 1
With both the Vulcan and the mechanism as components you can slide them into and though each other. Using Sketchup’s sectional view then, you can see exactly how they work together.

In this case it was possible to fit the worm-gear assembly completely within the Model T hood assembly. The problem is that the motor would completely fill the cab. For some that would have been fine. In fact, by putting a back on the cab and completely enclosing it in window you could hide the motor by hazing those windows. Not for me though.

Position 2
Flipping the mechanism 180° worked better for me. The motor was way too wide for the Model T hood but I could live with that. The worm gear then could easily be hidden by a transmission hump.

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