Mimesis 2-Ton – Part III

Motor Enclosure
With the mechanism positioned (Position 2) I could enclose the motor. I left a small gap and built a box around the motor from .040-in Styrene.

The original design taken from the RMC issue of the hood, radiator and sides is shown to the right. I still wanted to use that .. so I put it there to remind me.

Adding back hood
I was playing around with the design. The box enclosing the motor is not only almost twice as large as the Vulcan design but almost twice as long. I moved the radiator all the way forward until it cleared the Styrene motor enclosure and then lengthened the hood.

I looked as this for a bit .. and then had an Epiphany. Tool Boxes. The squarish shapes exiting both sides of the hood could be Tool Boxes, Storage Boxes .. whatever.

It was somewhere about this time .. with the mechanism in place .. I could cut out slots in the frame for the bearing blocks too.

Sketchup 3D file

I modeled the radiator, link and pin coupler assemblies, journal boxes and brackets, polling pockets and a seat frame in Sketchup.

To the left is a 2D export of the Sketchup file which I then uploaded to Print-a-Part for 3D printing.

3D Printed Parts
This was my first try at having parts printed by a 3D printing service. The only real problem I ran into was with the polling pockets .. there were just so thin, they damaged easily. That could be fixed easy enough by making the flange just a bit thicker.

I was pretty much satsified with the printed pieces. There was a bit of layering from the support wax but it really is only visible under close-ups taken with a digital camera. For normal viewing with the unaided eye they are fine.

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