Mimesis 2-Ton – Part IV

Chassis Mounting
I used two small tabs on the mechanism to mount the Styrene chassis. I tapped them for 1.0mm screws .. both screws and tap from scale hardware.
The frame is simply a Styrene box with a top.

The squarish cut-outs on the sides for the bearing blocks match the bearing block dimensions for the ones that I was having 3D printed.

The frame mounts to the mechanism via the two 1.0mm bolt-heads you can just in front of the worm gear.

The Rivets are also from Scale Hardware.

Size Comparison
Just for fun .. this is the On18 Critter sitting next to a Bachmann On30 Davenport.
Cab start
The cab follows the Sketchup plan more or less built up from Evergreen angle and .005-in Styrene sheet. You can see where the thin plastic reacted to the cement by molding itself around the angle to a certain extent. I looked this .. and decided it was a ‘good thing’ .. auspicious in that over time, thin sheet-metal tends to do that .. get beat around the frame.

The penny of course .. is simply there to show just how small this little critter is.

Motor cover
With the frame coming along I could switch to building a cover over the motor. I attempted to leave a small air-gap around the motor best I could. The small curvy-thing in front of the guy is the point where the back of the hood mounts.

My modeling tends to follow ‘form follows function’. I didn’t know exactly where the other parts would go but my Sketchup plans pretty much let me set that piece in place. Everything else would then .. “Follow along”.

That tilt forward is real. I later on inserted a small piece of Styrene to level it out. Right now .. was the least of my worries!

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