Mimesis 2-Ton – Part VI

Radiator and Hood
With the radiator in place, the hood was just pieced together. Once it set up I sanded it to a ’roundish’ shape and used a little putty to complete that part.
Where it’s at
This is the current state of the build. To be honest .. it’s been sitting .. and waiting. Now that I’ve posted this up I suppose I am bound to complete it.
Future Stuff
Since I took these photos back in 2010 I’ve learned quite a bit about photographing models. One of the main things is correctly setting the color balance for the camera. Future photos will be somewhat better I think.

The ‘Tool Box’ need completing. That basically means a shell over the Styrene motor cover.

I felt that a pair of toolboxes was boring so I came up with the idea of oil and fuel tanks on one side along with a filter assembly. I also think that I will extend the roof over the entire critter as in the drawing to the left.


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