Mimesis 2-Ton – Part V

Taking Shape
The cab went on, polling pockets and link & pin coupler.
Link & Pin Close-up
I think this is a good photo showing what can be done via 3D printing. I suppose this COULD be done using Styrene .. but I doubt that I could. Certainly not this well.
I wanted to get some color on the 3D parts .. like anyone else I wanted to see how they would look painted. Since I was planning for this to be a VERY used vehicle I put down a rusty undercoat.

This is from a rattle-can of Rust-Oleum. I didn’t try for a smooth coat .. in fact held the can back a bit so I would get texture.

The rivets on the cab are actually decals. They are from Archer and IMO worked quite well.

The rusty surface came out well I think. I used washes of thinned orangy/brown oils.

Finally some paint
I used Polly S – Pale Green for the paint. It was applied over hairspray which allowed removing it in blotches later. This was my first attempt using the hairspray technique .. but I’m reasonably satisfied with the results.

The bearing assemblies were painted separately and inserted into the slots from behind. I actually have small springs above them which you can’t see in this photo.

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