NG Road Engine

BVLC Concept
Bradford Valley Lumber Co. posted an idea for converting an Athern GP40-2 to a narrow gauge road engine. His design was inspired by the Alco RS-1. The rendering is shown here.


This post caught the attention of both myself and Andrew Gillette .. so thought I would bring back some ideas I have had in the past. I had played around with a BVM cab and a 70 ton chassis

70 Ton
Having hands on a HO 70 ton engine I pulled off the body and re-created it in Sketchup. The idea of course is to take a HO engine and fit a O scale cab to create a quick and dirty On30 engine. Here’s a look from both ends.
Here’s the cab from the KD-06 BVM (Boulder Valley Models) Side-Door Cab Bash for the Bachmann HO 70-ton switcher. Again .. having the product ‘on hand’ .. as it were .. it enabled me to get some measurements which again, I could translate into a Sketchup drawing.
Combining the two. This drawing shows how much the cab overhangs the HO body/chassis. The BVM bash goes through how to correctly mate the two – Critter Bash, 35-ton loco which is some excellent information for ‘rolling my own’.
The end result is quick wonderful .. IMO. These two photos shows a finished model and works very well.
Here’s a couple sketches I made using the 70-ton chassis and BVM cab.
I played around a bit – here’s the 70 ton chassis, BVM cab with some ideas. The long cab is low .. with a high short hood.
another version with both the long and short hoods high versions.
Of course .. we aren’t limited to just one design for the hoods. I was playing around a bit with several different designs – slight variations on the same general theme Nothing to get that excited about but this gives a limited idea of what CAN be done.
The BVM (Boulder Valley Models) cab measures 7ft wide – this is 1.75″. since BVM sold hundreds if not thousands of such cabs my assumption is that this works for the correct width for an On30 loco cab.
bertiedog posted his version of a On30 gauge in 2010 on RMweb. The 38.1mm center-to-side measurement makes the overall width 76.2mm. This is 3″ width which matches up with the NMRA standards gauge.
This gauge is slightly undersized for the larger DRG models which would need more side clearance and height.
My thoughts is that the additional side clearance and height needed for the larger DRG engines works well with the slightly larger width of the BVM cab. So … unless someone convinces me differently I will go with that for the cab width.

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