NG Road Engine – II

I found this model of a EMD GP-38-2 Diesel-electric locomotive at 3D Warehouse. While not from the era I would rather use .. it is still useful as a guide to what we are talking about.
The model was created full-size. This means that to start with I can get some basic measurements. To start with – we get the cab width which is 124″.
124″ FS is 2.583″ O scale
I will use this to scale the entire model to HO scale. The cab will be later scaled to
The measurement from the front hood to the handrails is 19-3/4″.
19-3/4″ FS is 0.412″ O scale
On the opposite end the dimension from the end of the long hood to the handrails is 20-3/8″.
The walkway measures 22-5/8″
22-5/8″ FS is 0.471″ O scale
The measurement across the bottom step is 35-3/8″. This is the same for the steps on the other end.
35-3/8″ FS is 0.737″ O scale
While we can simply (or fairly so) widen the walkways – the ends which will contain the steps, coupler pocket etc. will have to be made up. This dimension gives us a place to work from.

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