NG Road Engine – IV

Version 2
Had a ‘sit down’ with my friend Andrew Gillette talking through this NG Road Engine design. I had previously used the BVM engine width of 7ft. Andrew pointed out that the BVM engines were all basically ‘critters’ .. that NG Road Engines were quite a bit larger in width .. specifically .. 10ft. Ok. I can go with that. The NMRA On30 clearance gauge is a 3″ width or 12′ full-size.
Version 2 first try
Removed the short hood, widened the walkways to 30″ and overall width to 10ft.
The long hood was widened so we get that 30″ wide walkway.
Here’s a series of views – Top, front, rear, side and bottom.
Sooo .. this is just a general idea .. a starting point. The next thing is to create a 3D model of the chassis from the donor HO locomotive I will be using. I have a Life-Like GP30 for that. I also have Andrew’s Intermountain SD40 snoot nose to play with.