NG Road Engine – V

Life-Like GP30
I took the Life-Like GP30 shell and produced this Sketchup model .. call it Version 1. In red are the bits that fit around and against the mechanism. The blue should be as high as I can go – again based on the Life-Like shell. The white parts are simply 1/8″ outside the red.

I can’t get exact measurements. Close .. but not exact even with my dial calipers – so that is why I am calling this Version 1.

In February I will be getting a 3D printer – a Prusa I3 MK3. The plan is to print off this .. call it an ‘inner shell’ and then by trial and error discover what I need to change until I get a good fit to the mechanism – Version 2 or 3 or whatever. Once that is done I will use this ‘inner shell’ and build the On30 Road Engine shell around it.

Thoughts ….
I have been discussing this project with Andrew Gillette for quite a while and he supplied me with the GP30 donor vehicles (thanks Andrew). One of the problems I mentioned was that while having Shapeways print the shell in FUD/FXD would give us a nice model it would be too delicate for anything other than a shelf queen. Printing in WSF would make for a strong shell but the coarse surface would be a negative. This is also true of the Prusa .. as with any FDM printer the prints are produced by heating and extruding thermoplastic filaments. My presumption is that the surface would not be “good nuff” for an On30 shell .. but it may very well work as a support structure for the finer SteroLithography (SLA) or Digital Light Processing (DLP) prints
Version 2
Removed the excess material – just leaving the minimum.
Intermountain SD40 snoot nose
First try .. call it Version 1 in the first attempt to created a shell to fit around the Intermountain SD40 snoot nose mechanism.