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Beginning January 1st until March 1st NorthWest Short Line (NWSL) and Shortline Modelers Lounge (SML) are giving you a chance to show off your kitbashing/scratch building skills. The rules are simple: build a small critter, railbus or small industrial locomotive; prototype or freelance; either from scratch or kitbash, the choice is up to you. Your critter must be built around the NWSL Stanton drive. – details
The Stanton Drive
While NWSL had said the shipping might take two or three weeks – it was quite a bit shorter then that. In fact I placed the order on Jan 4 and got the drive on Jan 9. Cool.

I placed in on my On30 module for a quick pic. Now .. I have to figure out what to do!

First thing I did was to model the drive in Sketchup. I had attempted to do this from a photo I found online – and it was generally correct enough to get a idea of the size of the drive. With the drive in my hand though, I was able to make a model in Sketchup that is correct in dimensions. This means that I can use this to create/wrap a superstructure around.
BVM KD-03 Cab

BVM KD-03 Cab

A while back I purchased the KD-03 cab from Boulder Valley Models. This is a complete cab with end doors (On30). The kit was designed to convert a Bachmann 44-ton (HO) loco into a On30 critter. If nothing else, this gives me a good starting point since the cab is dimensioned for On30 – so even if I make my own cab the width and height will still be fine.
The Stanton drive w/KD-03 cab
When I got the KD-03 cab I modeled it in Sketchup so I could use it later on when I got around to kitbashing an On30 diesel. It was simple then, after modeling the Stanton drive to import the KD-03 cab. This gives me a good idea of what I will be working with. I simply modeled a floor – sitting slightly above the wheels. The floor is – as modeled currently – .040″ thick, the width of the KD-03 cab and the length of the Stanton drive (including the coupler mounting pocket)
Anabolic Midget
Boulder Valley Models has an excellent article on using the KD-03 kit to kitbash a Bachmann 44-ton loco. In the article he shows a photo of a model by Sam Barbose who used the KD-02 kit to make a very small critter. The KD-02 kit uses the same cab. Since this is more like what I will be working toward I will pay very close attention to how this little loco is constructed with a tight focus on the frame.

I’m not going to copy the Anabolic Midget .. but use this as another starting point for my own design.

Show through engine?
Stan asked “Is there room on top of the drive to model a diesel with the hood open?“. Answer is .. sure. Depending on how you work it. The Stanton drive is a powered truck. The only thing showing above is the swivel pin. You could even get rid of that if you really wanted to but I figure it can be hid under something.
This is just one of the Boulder Valley Models On30 cab mounted on the frame .. just a ‘quick and dirty’ study on a possible design. Just wanted to get a feel of how the cab fit on the chassis.
Swinging the camera around and there’s the swivel. Simply a threaded pin with a couple of nuts. This should be easily hid under something leaving most of the chassis open.
Removing the side-frame and other parts the Stanton drive is exposed. Like I said .. you could remove the swivel pin (blue) but then you would have to come up with some way to mount the darn thing.


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