NWSL & SLM Critter – Pt III

Final Design
This is the final design for ‘Critter II’. I flipped the depth of the upper and lower coupler-pocket/end sill pieces. That way I can run the screws from the bottom so they will be hidden. I said ‘final’ design for the Critter II. That doesn’t mean that I will not change things but if I do it will be ‘Critter III’ then.
Parts to print
I decided to only lay out one of each of the parts that needed printing. The reason is simply cost. Having everything printed in FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) cost me around $38 just for these few pieces (with shipping). The plan anyway, is to use them as masters so I can make as many resin copies as I need. Things like bolt heads will be added separately to the master using either styrene or brass depending on what I have on hand.

Notice that I left one bearing block with the bolt heads. Just wanted to see how well they WOULD reproduce in the 3D print.

Shapeways Model
Finally, here’s the same drawing after converting to .stl and uploading to Shapeways. Really just a rendering of the Shapeways model.

I placed an order for the parts on Feb 2 and was informed that I should expect the parts to arrive about Feb 20. Hopefully that schedule will stay.

Edit: Wooo. They were delivered on the 10th. Pretty darn quick .. only eight days from the time I placed the order to they arrived.

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