NWSL & SLM Critter – Pt VI

I assembled the chassis using ACC. I had some problems with trying to tap the upper pilot so I could attach the lower. I ended up using epoxy to form threads around lubricated screws. I’ll leave everything together until after I paint the sucker.
Chassis Exploded
I exploded the chassis here. I cemented the sideframes to the upper pilots then the deck to that assembly. The drive strap to the deck and then the bearing blocks into the openings. I had originally designed the bearing blocks to fit into slots on the backside of the frames. I had forgotten about them while casting the frames .. if I do this again I may change that. The lower pilots screw to the upper pilots so that I can have access to the coupler.
Scratching together an engine using a couple of leggo blocks (yellow in the pic), styrene, NBW and a timing gear cover (clear plastic at left – piece of a plastic guard on a disposable razor). I am going to have to drill holes from under the chassis up into the engine block to secure it. Don’t want to glue it as I want to be able to get to the nut that secures the chassis to the drive.
Sprayed on some Rust-Oleum Rust Metal Primer followed by black and rust Doc O’Brien’s weathering powders. I need to add the couplers .. darken the rusty bits some and come back with some color to represent the remains of paint.
Mostly Finished
Like the title .. this is “mostly finished”. I need to add the exhaust .. that’s the major bit. Thinks like an air cleaner possibly .. wiring .. and umbrella for the crew .. all need to be added.
Air Cleaner
Installed an air-cleaner .. one of the old oil bath types. The 18 dia should provide clean air to the engine even in dusty conditions.
Exhaust Manifold
A quick and dirty exhaust manifold. I’ll come up with some-kinda exhaust pipe in a bit.

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