NWSL & SLM Critter – Pt VII

Finished ~
Pretty much finished. I’ll let it sit a bit .. and come back with some additional weathering. I still want to add an umbrella to keep the sun off my LP.
I used my Photo Stacker – CombineZM. This free program takes a series of photos with different focal lengths and combines them into one photo for increased depth of field. There is a newer version out called CombineZP that I haven’t used yet. This program is similar to Helicon Focus but as I said, is free.

If I were to do a lot of these then it might be worth purchasing the Helicon Focus. Since I only occasionally use it .. the CombineZM works for me.

an Umbrella

Knocked out an Umbrella for my little guys .. help keep the sun and rain off their little pointy heads ..

New Fuel Line
I wasn’t happy at all with how the fuel lines had come out so I decided to re-work them. I picked up some “Metal Head and Eye Pins” from the Beading Section at Walmart. They measure .024-in dia .. or about 1-in in O scale. Too large for fuel lines really but .. hey .. figure in ‘real life’ if a fuel line was exposed like this they might go with a heavier tube/pipe simply for strength. That’s what I am going with anyway!
I knocked out a fuel pump. Since the pins were not long enough to reach from the tank to the pump I stuck in a valve half-way on the firewall. Here I’m holding it up for a photo.
.. and another view
Finally, cemented in place with some paint and weathering. Pretty happy with how it came out I think. I knocked out a fuel pump while I was at it.
Flips side .. also re-ran the air lines on this side.


NWSL & SLM Critter – Pt VII — 15 Comments

  1. Thanks very much. You have not only built a beautiful model, but given us a closeup look at how you did it. I’ve been curious about the Stanton drive, so this was doubly of interest.

    • Larry. Appreciate that. I enjoy posting what I am working on .. as I do it. I need to post up a follow-up “Lessons Learned” .. things I would do differently I suppose. The biggest “LL” about the drive I think is simply the way it attaches. It is in essence a powered truck and the threaded swivel means that while it works fine means you need to make your design such that you can get to the nut afterwards.

  2. Is there any chance you are selling the chassis parts you cast up? I sure would like to get a set!! Beautiful job all around!!

    • Dave. That was ultimately the plan. The one I did I kind of think as the ‘Beta’ model. I see where I need to change things .. basically what worked and what didn’t. I want to switch to a double-sided mold for example and a couple other things. I’ll start working on that in a bit.

  3. Could you please put me on a list to notify when you do them over?? I emailed Da Brudders to see about the Stanton Drive. Thank you for responding so quickly.

  4. It is obvious that that poor critter has not been getting a lot of care. Look at the peeling paint, those scratches, all that rust. Once your railroad goes out of business we will have to buy up the track and get the poor critter properly painted in nice bright pretty colors for the little tourist line. [Grin] Shame on your employees and stingy budgeted company executives for not giving that poor critter proper maintenance. Aren’t you aware it is the only one left in running condition and extremely rare? [Grin]

    Future Railway Preservationist Committee. [Grin]

    • Christopher. Thanks. I KNOW that my modeling has a danger of falling into that gray area of ‘Caricature’ .. but that’s ok. I like that kind of modeling. Hey .. whatever makes you happy, right? I figure that’s what counts! Seriously thought .. I can look at that and go “Oh. I would do this .. (or) .. that differently next time”. Think that’s how modeling greats actually get there .. by screwing up behind the scenes!

  5. I have seen bad weathering, accuracy in what one is trying to do is rare. I will be doing some weathering, but I doubt I will go more than just to show some wear, and I am going to scared every step of the way. As for Caricature, I can enjoy that if it is well done. Some famous model railroads were caricatures, the Gorre and Dephetid, where most everything about it was exaggerated, never the less it still sees to be inspirational to many. I see a lot of model railroads that show features that showed up first in the G&D. How many of today’s railroad would have a dinosaur switch engine, or a hanging Diesel salesman

    Now I notice that a lot of the ON30 seem to like caricature a bit in their railroads. I see that a lot in HOn30 just like the 6 inch radius. I am less obvious and will use 24 inch radius.But then even so that is tight when you consider how much room that I have to play with.Not too many people have a 24 foot by 24 foot room to play with.

    Yet it is basically a shelf railroad, with shelves only 30 inches wide,so my attention will be on what is by the tracks mostly, including all the buildings will be revenue producing builds. The rest of the towns won’t even be shown, we will assume they exist out in that large aisle way. Sort of like a movie set, but it also means I can use larger better quality buildings,something that 2 or 3 freight cars will not look silly in front of. But imagine having a bit over 18 feet square of aisle.No danger of tight fit for anyone that should visit. Plus I do have some other uses for the room planned,meditation,drumming as well.

  6. Understand that. My ENTIRE layout is the two – 2-ft x 8-ft of former module and the little 2-ft x 5-ft extension (foot). Heck. Lets me concentrate on the scenery I guess.

  7. I spend a lot of time admiring what the British model railroaders does with a layout that is basically a single station and a fiddle yard. Some of them manage to cram a lot of detail into a simple plan that leaves me in awe. Some of them are traveling show layouts.

    So the first part of my plan is to build a fiddle yard and my first town and yard, so that I can begin operation no matter if the entire layout gets finished or not. The other thing is to create a series of small scenes so as to give the idea of traveling some distance through the country side. Considering that I will have a point to point with over sixty feet of mainline, I intend right now no more that two towns,one village and a couple of in between flag stop shelters. I only plan to run one train at a time,thought set up the wiring to allow two trains to run,if someone should show up that wants to run one. So scenery is going to be a major feature,though low rolling hills as much of the state of Maine is. Looks like I am going to have to make a lot of pine trees,using the bottle bush method with flocking.I start with fifty to make and go from there. My biggest yard is a three track yard and my longest train is six cars long, small forney locomotives and only two of them. So despite the amount of room a simple basic railroad, again I was fascinated by the smaller of the Welsh narrow gauge that I visited back in 1968. There is a beauty with simplicity and slow speeds, and a relaxed schedule.I have four of the 1904 Cruved Dash Oldsmobiles, both for comic relief and an early hint of what is to come. Not that they look the least bit dangerous to the little railway of the time. I may put some of them into the troubles of early auto travel.

  8. Looked around it then checked out some of the places with links and seem to find the Shortline Lounge as a keeper.Meanwhile my problem is to get away from the Internet and to the model room. Idid look over the small rairaods one and the bit on England as well. Interested in seeing how that modle of a bit of English moors finially came out.I had seen bits a pieces of its construction,but not the finished scene. Less can be more sometimeseven with huge space.

  9. Christopher. Yep .. Shortline Lounge is a good place. Shawn .. the owner .. wants to get everyone involved .. I’ve written quite a few articles. Just sent in one on a critter I built .. that should be up in a bit.

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