Ships and Boats

What is the difference?
Not myself being nautical in the slightest I looked it up. Evidently at least among some, a ship can carry a boat but not the reverse. There is evidently some esoteric argument to do with where they operate but that is beyond anything I want to go into.

Lumber Schooner

1920’ish Lumber Schooner This will be developed by Belg – aka. Pat Meeuwissen. I will be helping with using Sketchup. The idea is to use this as a “landing page” for input by others. … Continue reading


Grażyna Grażyna [ɡraˈʐɨna] is a Polish feminine given name. The name was created by the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz for the main character of his 1823 poem Grażyna. The name is derived from the Lithuanian adjective gražus, meaning “pretty”, “beautiful” … Continue reading

Jukes Boat Livery

Thom Miecznikowski of Clever Models put together a little kit which he gave away during our live chat, at the Whistle Stop (Saturday night 10PM Eastern)(this was around March of 2014). Bob Bruce built it .. and created boats to … Continue reading

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