Grażyna – Part VI

Forward Structure
fowardcabinThought to do a quick drawing of the forward superstructure. The shape will pretty much follow this plan. I need to figure out exactly how I am going to paint this sucker. The deck will be wood .. and that will be a pain to paint around.

Update: I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a way to make a jig so I could build that upper portion separate from the lower. In the end .. I think I will go with the masking of the deck. The time it would take to make a good jig is prohibitive .. IMO.

To that end .. I need to determine the size of the cut-out in the decking for the stairs.

stairsI fired up Sketchup to create the design. You need not only the total rise but the run, rise and overhead. To that end I went to a website – and to their Stair Calculator. I need a total rise of 1-3/4″ (84″). I used a 9″ run with 8 total runs which the calculator gave me a 9.33″ rise. With the stairs drawn I could add the two decks and with a 6′-8″ headspace I could finally determine the size of the opening needed.

Now .. with the stairs and surround modeled .. and with the Forward Structure also modeled I can combine the two. It might seem that I am constantly pushing Sketchup .. but .. ok .. I am. Here’s another example of the power it provides for modeling.

Stairs to Front
Stairs2Frnt_1I inserted the stairs model into the Forward Structure model. Huh .. it is quite a bit forward of where I expected it to be.
Stairs2Frnt_2Rotating the world a bit so I can look inside. I used a transparent texture on the sides of the lower structure which allows me to move the stairs model back and forth until it fits. That vertical ‘slab’ to the right is a wall 35″ from the foot of the stairs (same as the stair width). This is sitting against the back of the room .. which limits the rearward placement of the stairs model.
Stairs to Rear
Stairs2Rear_2I was looking at the stair placement and it came to me that I could rotate it 180°. This would allow the stairs to move rearward. So .. I rotated it that 180° and looked at it from lower. A bit of the very bottom ‘sticks through’ the room floor so I could grab the entire stair model and slide it to the rear until it was just shy of the rear wall of the room.
Stairs2Rear_1Rotating the universe back to an overhead view .. I like this much better. It leaves a larger area up front .. even room for a couple of tables there .. chairs certainly. The placement of the opening to the rear would keep people from falling down the stairs. All in all I like this.
The Real World (in 1:48)
stairs2That was fun .. but it is time to make an attempt at something approaching reality. The stairs will be mostly hidden except for the top section. I have some Rusty Stumps O Scale Stair Stringers .. so I will use them. The basswood is .060″ thick which is fine for the stringers but I looked though my stripwood for something else for the treads. I found some .040″ x .200″ stock which will work.

Laying the stripwood I will use for my decking on the top of the lower structure it is 1.812″ from the lower to upper decks. The top tread will fall .042″ lower than the upper deck .. no problem – I will simply stick some .040″ stock under the lower end of the stair stringer

wstairsI had to move the opening forward. The drawing was helpful but I had a couple layers of plastic to contend with .. so with a thicker rear wall everything moved forward a bit. this left the rear to repair .. and of course .. I don’t have any putty. Sigh.

I threw together the stairs last night which helps get everything aligned.

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