Grażyna – Part VII

Forward Section
forwardss_4The forward section – lower part more or less complete. I still need to add water slide resin rivets but will leave that to after I complete the upper portion as those resin details are relatively brittle. That upper deck will be planked with wood and act as a promenade deck for passengers. A roof made of canvas and decking will add to the model I think.
forwardss_3a view from the back side. The various layers of plastic represent steel plating. Once the rivets are applied and wire representing conduit it should really ‘pop’.
fwcabinwlifeboats2I’m going to take time out to further the design. The idea is that this is a small promenade deck of a sort – a place for the few passengers. There may be room for a couple of small tables. Up top I think that a couple of lifeboats and a walk will make this mini-scene much better.
fwcabinwlifeboats3.. another view from the front. The davits shown would need to be extended a bit so the lifeboat will clear the deck below. I purchased some small jewelry beads with the idea that I can use them as fancy ornamental work at the top of the posts. They are approximately 3/8 in. in diameter – so at minimum that would mean making the deck 3/16 in. wider .. again at minimum.
working_6This went through various changes. The plan originally was to have a sheet-metal bulwark. I got as far as test fitting brass strips and realized that they would hide too much.
working_10So. I thought about it for a bit and went with an open railing. I like this much better.
Double-Head Bitts
Double_deck_bollard-O-37inI ran into some difficulity in determining the size bitts I needed. There IS information out there on the net but it gets really involved – the tonnage of a ship, how much surface area catches wind, where it operates .. way more then I wanted to get into. In fact .. I found this page at Maritime International where they discuss just that. Reading this .. I was still confused .. and evidently are others. To that end I just made a WAG based on photos. I probably should have had several sizes made .. but that falls into the “Shudda Cudda” thing ..
stacked-bittsIn any case .. I had the 37 in. long versions printed. I’ll have to eyeball them on the ship to see if they will work (meaning .. hopefully not too large for the size my ship). The photo shows them as they came from Shapeways .. with wax and oil and needing cleaning.

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