Jukes Boat Livery

Jukes 2Thom Miecznikowski of Clever Models put together a little kit which he gave away during our live chat, at the Whistle Stop (Saturday night 10PM Eastern)(this was around March of 2014). Bob Bruce built it .. and created boats to go with it. Excellent!

Thom put Bob’s file up on his Freebies page as a JPG. The problem that may arise with this is that a .jpg is just a graphic. How your printer prints it is dependent on the printer, the resolution it is printing at etc.

To get around that I printed the .jpg to a ‘virtual PDF printer’ – a very useful piece of (free) software, CutePDF Writer installs itself as a “printer subsystem”. This means that any Windows application that can print can create a PDF. Sweet!

I’ll put this up for download until Thom makes my pdf versions available –

Row Boat by Bob Bruce.jpg <- on Clever Models Freebie Page O Scale version in PDF
HO Scale version in PDF

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