SU-100 (ZVEZDA) 1:35 – Pt 2

SU-100 in Poland
page35topThis SU-100 is in a museum in Poland. This vehicle unusually has a swierl pot for a radio antenna behind the commander’s station. The usual location above the national white eagle insignia. The kit has a swivel pot that is supposed to be mounted at the ‘usual location’. I like the idea of using the alternate location. What appears to be the stump of the original swivel pot is on the front of the commander’s station.The welds around the commander’s station show up well in this photo as are those where the front plate welds on. We can just see the fillet behind the casemate. There is a lot more in this photo .. the mushroom thingie (vent?) in front of the grab handle; shovel and tanker bars mounts and the locations of the D-rings.

The lift ring on the mantlet is only a blob on the model. That can be improved by copying this one in the photo. Spare track is snugged to D-rigs with belts.

Rear Wall Hatch
page37topIt was mentioned that – “Assuming you want to do a wartime version, you’ll have to do at least another bit of surgery on this kit (creating the rear wall hatch).” This may be what was being referred to.
page30bottomThis photo of a SU-85 shows the construction of the filets pretty well. It extends from the edge of the casemate back at a 45° angle to weld to the hull and just below the grille.
page32topA view of another SU-85 shows us the fillet from the rear.
page36bottomThe post-war SU-100M had the large storage bin on the right front fender as shown on this preserved SU-100M in Kiev. Since I am backdating the vehicle to WWII I will leave this off.

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