The Coke Puller – Part II

Progress: Primer
Pretty much finished .. or at least .. getting close to so. With a coat of primer I can see where I need to do some sanding, filling and so on. I imagine that it would be just fine now if all I wanted was to generate a 3D mesh for printing O scale figures .. but .. if I wanted to print a larger scaled figure it needs some work.

Still. I’m happy with the way it is going so far.

3rd Comparison
Here’s the figure compared to the original drawing. While not an exact copy .. I think it is ‘good nuff’.

The figure will hold the coke hoe and his stance and body should have the ‘look’ of the coke puller in the drawing.

4th Comparison
I sprayed the figure with black primer in preparation for painting. Thought it might be of interest to compare the original baseball figure to the finished coke puller.
The photo on the left – I put down some base colors. Looking at that I decided that a white shirt would not have remained white very long with a guy pulling coke. In fact .. his shirt could probably well have been unbleached muslin or something similar.

I ‘yellowed’ his shirt some then. Finally added shadow to him and his clothes. Next is highlights. I’m thinking the suspenders should be red. My friend Stan suggested the shoes should be brown. I agree .. work boots probably were just worn brown leather. I doubt he spent any time with polish .. although that helps preserve the leather.

Finished – or – ‘Good Nuff’
I painted my little guy with craft acrylics. Not happy with them at all. I had some Reaper and Valejo which are MUCH better paints for something like this but unfortunately not in the colors I needed. I will correct that acquire some generic colors .. not just metals and wood.

In any case .. the point was a figure I can use (hopefully) to convert to a 3D mesh. I many not have even had to paint it all .. the gray primer may have worked fine .. it might have worked better. Donno. I’m making this up as I go. I’m going to call this ‘finished’ and let it go so I can get to the next step which is photographing it.

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