On30 DC Climax – DC to DCC

With a DC (DCC Ready) Bachmann On30 Climax I got my hands on the following from Model Train Stuff (I placed the order on a Friday and got it on a Monday. Sweet):

  • SoundTraxx 810054 1″ Speaker
  • SoundTraxx 810110 1″ Speaker Baffle Kit
  • SoundTraxx Micro-Tsunami Decorder 826020 (TSU-750) for Light Logging Steam engines
Instruction Manuel
I haven’t found a SBS for this so the first thing was a trip to Bachmann Trains for the instruction manual and exploded view diagram.


while here I might as well link to the gear replcement instructions:

Climax Gear Replacement Instructions

What Climax?
exploded_cabFirst thing I found is that my version is the “Vertical Wood Panel Cab”. My first assumption would be that this would date this Climax earlier than the Steel Cab. Bachmann will hapilly sell you the steel cab for $20. The article from Foothill Model Works linked below goes into extensive detail on correcting the Water/Fuel Bunker for the oil buring version but mentions that if you are building a wood or coal burner all you have to do is add the missing details.

The Foothill Model Works article linked below identifies the loco as a 28-Ton Two Truck Class B Climax and that the prototype for this locomotive was Construction No. 952.

Location – Location
exploded_chassisThe exploded diagram shows the PCB and the chassis with holes drilled for sound to escape. Cool. Now .. whether the parts supplied by SoundTraxx will happily fit in that space I can’t tell from simply looking at an exploded diagram. It’s a place to start though. (hidden inside the Water/Fuel Bunker)
exploded_dccAt the bottom of the page it shows the dummy plugs in the main PCB.
Water/Fuel Bunker Removal
I found a guide to removing the water/fuel bunker (along with a ton of other info) at a Foothill Model Works in an article titled Getting it Right: Re-detailing The Bachmann On30 Climax – Introduction and Taking it Apart“. The bunker is held on with three screws


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