The Why
I’m going to use this section to talk about using Sketchup in various ways. I tend to stick posts, pages, articles and general pontification anywhere .. so this is a ‘central location’ .. I guess!

Wood spoke wheel

The Prototype Wooden spoke wheels were pretty much the same but let’s use this one from a 1927 Talbot Star Coupe for a guide. I brought the photo into Sketchup and based on the wheel dia that I found on … Continue reading

Match Photo Lite - Part I

– Intro A while ago I made a small structure that I called a “chiller” .. just something to stick next to a building to add interest. I figured out that when I tried to describe it to myself as … Continue reading

Cowl Ventilator

What are they? For a long time the most common ventilator was the cowl ventilator until the advent of forced ventilation using power-driven fans. Used on all types of vessels it was used to supply fresh air and remove foul. … Continue reading

Shapeways Materials

Here are the materials that I think would be most useful for modeling. As noted I have had models printed in WSF and FUD. … Continue reading

Materials Cost

Cost of a Model from Shapeways The answer is .. it depends. I say that and people will stop .. blink .. and say .. “Oh. Ok .. I mean .. what would it cost for that left-handed Widget you … Continue reading

Hollowing Stuff and Holes

Oopsie .. I’ve been working wtih Russ Green of New England Brownstone on some bearings / pillow blocks. The other day I received a set from an order that Russ made .. and darn it .. problems. What else is … Continue reading

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